Should Senior Learn Computers?

Updated: Jul 13

Older adults are mostly afraid of the fast changing technology. Unlike kids these days, they refuse or are reluctant to learn new things digitally. There are three main reasons here to tell you the value of learning basic computer skills.

1. Stay informed

Nowadays, you can find everything online including news, banking service, grocery shopping and etc. While younger generation is familiar with the technology, older generation needs to learn how to use them as a tool to get informed on a daily basis. Especially during COVID, elders should be informed with the latest health and medical information for their own good.

2. Stay engaged and entertained

Most of older people pay more attention to improve the quality of life. With the Internet, they can stream any TV shows or movies online. Also, they can engage in online games using their computers to keep themselves entertained and enhance brain activities.

3. Stay connected to family and friends

With the new technology, it is way easier to communicate with everyone in the world. You can use facebook to connect with long lost friends or relatives or share photos and videos in real time. It is certain that technology plays an important role in shorten the communication gap and strengthening bonds.

Technology is now to help us become more informed and more engaged to others. So seniors should definitely embrace the new technology and keep up with the trend.

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