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Custom-Built Computer

Are you thinking to build a new computer yourself? We can help you set up a custom-built PC & gaming PC, install new cooler system and install new graphic cards and hard drive/ SSD.

Are you building your new computer...

Custom-Built Computer

If you are looking to build a brand new computer, we can assist you with the selection or build one for you based on your needs.

System Setup & Installation

If you just purchase a new computer, we can help you install software or setup system.

Cooler & Graphic Cards Installation

Are you having overheating issue or slow performance on your computer? We can help you install a new cooling system and locate a new graphic card if you need an upgrade.

Hard Drive/ SSD Upgrade

A hard drive can fail over time or slow down the performance. We can help you install an upgraded hard drive/ SSD to make it faster and last longer. 

Not sure what components to get?

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Is building a PC hard?


Not really. You just need to get all of the parts and start building following the instructions. But if you need some help or suggestions, we can always assist you in that matter. 

Q: I am a gamer, should I buy a gaming PC?


A gaming PC can make your gaming experience to the next level. It has more powerful components like higher-end graphics card, a more powerful CPU with more cores and higher clock speeds. With these key elements, it can make games run faster and prettier.

Q: Do I have to buy everything at the same time?


No, you can get 1 to 2 components at a time since you will be able to save money as there are always discounts and promotions on computer parts, depending on the time of year company.

Q: How long should a custom-built PC last?

A self-built PC with good care can last up to 10 to 15 years.


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Is building a PC hard?
I am a gamer, should I buy a gaming PC?
Do I have to buy everything at the same time?
How long should a custom-built PC last?
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