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Custom-Built Computer

Are you thinking to build a new computer yourself? We can help you set up a custom-built PC & gaming PC, install new cooler system and install new graphic cards and hard drive/ SSD.

Are you building your new computer...

Custom-Built Computer

If you are looking to build a brand new computer, we can assist you with the selection or build one for you based on your needs.

System Setup & Installation

If you just purchase a new computer, we can help you install software or setup system.

Cooler & Graphic Cards Installation

Are you having overheating issue or slow performance on your computer? We can help you install a new cooling system and locate a new graphic card if you need an upgrade.

Hard Drive/ SSD Upgrade

A hard drive can fail over time or slow down the performance. We can help you install an upgraded hard drive/ SSD to make it faster and last longer. 

Not sure what components to get?