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Onsite Business IT Support and Tech Services

Do you need someone to check out your network and IT Network Security, Network  & WiFi Settings, Cyber Security Upgrade, System Update, Remote IT Support, Printer Settings, Software Update, Pick-up & Drop-off Service

Do you need IT support...

Network Security

If you have any network connection issues or security concerns, we can dispatch a technician to your place or help your remotely.

Software Update

Sometimes lots of issues can be solved by operating system update or reinstallation. We can help you check if you software or applications are updated.

Remote IT Support

If you are in need of urgent support, we can help you remotely, It is faster for you and save us the time to travel to your place.

Printer Settings

If you have printer issues, it can be caused by printer/computer settings, loose cables, new external device, etc.

Have issues with your computer in your office or at home? 

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What geographic area do you support?


While we are based in Vancouver we support all business anywhere in Metro Vancouver. If you are outside of B.C, you are also welcome to give us a call and we may be able to help you remotely.

Q: How much do you charge for IT support?

If you take your IT related issue to our store or we manage to help you remotely, the service fee is around $100 - $200 depending on the type of work. If we visit your place and service it onsite, that will be considered as an onsite service, which we charge for $75 per hour, minimum $150 (2 hours).

Q: How do I request remote IT support?


You can contact us at 604-200-2995 to schedule a time for remote IT support or visit our website/book online/ remote IT support to book us in advance. 

Q: How do you perform IT support remotely?

We will help you install Team viewer, a software that access remotely to your computer, allowing maintenance of computers and other devices.


Laptop Repair Vancouver - Downtown 

Laptop Repair Vancouver - UBC

Laptop Repair North Vancouver 

Laptop Repair North Burnaby - Brentwood

Laptop Repair North Burnaby - SFU 

Laptop Repair Surrey - Guildford 

Laptop Repair Coquitlam - Coquitlam Centre 

What geographic area do you support?
How much do you charge for IT support?
How do I request remote IT support?
How do you perform IT support remotely
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