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How to fix Blue Screen of Death? Self-Inspection Checklist!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Have you ever had blue screen errors when you are in the middle of your work? We all know it's frustrating and challenging when you have a due date! So, what are you supposed to do when blue screen errors occur on your computer?

That's why we are here to provide a checklist when things happen like this!

Blue Screen Errors Checklist

  • Restart your computer

Sometimes it could happen if your computer overloads. For example, a program is not responding to your command, or multiple tasks have to be done at the same time. After a restart, your computer should be able to function properly.

  • New Hardware devices

When you install a new hardware device to your computer, there is a chance it may lead to blue screen. When this happen, make sure you insert your new device properly and tightly. Also, you should check if it's dusty or sticky on the connector. If not, try to insert to another computer slut and install the latest operating system.

  • New operating system or new program installation

If you encounter blue screen after you install a new operating system or program including firewall or virus scanner, try to uninstall or stop using them under safe mode.

  • Check virus

Sometimes a virus can be installed secretly with games or programs. That's why it is important to perform virus scanning once in a while to prevent unexpected system shut down.

  • Check your BIOS if it's compatible

Make sure you update BIOS to the latest version and check out the list of hardware compatibility from the official website.

  • Check your operating system

Sometimes blue screen errors could happen because there are defects for specific version of Windows. Make sure you try to update to the latest version of the operating system and normally it fixes the issue.

  • Last Known Good Configuration

Normally blue screen error occurs when there is a system update or new program installation on your computer. Last Known Good Configuration is a shortcut of solving blue screen errors. It helps you boot up your computer from the last valid settings.

  • Look into error codes

Copy the error codes and go to the Windows support page. Input your computer model number and type in keywords to help you solve the issue.

  • View Windows Setup Event Logs

Search Windows event log and look for errors or faulty items.

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