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Onsite Service

Do you need a technician to help you solve your computer issues? We are here to offer you onsite computer repair, onsite tech support, server repair, network repair & installation, camera Installation, system update & upgrade, printer connection setup. Whatever you can think of, we can help you!

Do you need onsite service for...

Computer Repair

If you have computer hardware issues, we will run some tests on your computer and tell you what the problem is.

System Update & Upgrade

A system update can improve the computer performance and speed. It's also needed to support some of your  applications.

Tech Support

If you face any technical issues, we can help you onsite or remotely. 

Printer Connection Setup

Does your printer just suddenly lose connection to your computer? Or you just bought a new printer and you don't know how to link to your computer? Don't worry, we can help you with it!

Network Repair & Installation

Do you have network issues at home or office? We will send a technician to your place and setup/ repair network for you!

Server Connection Setup

Is the server in your office not working smoothly? We can visit your office and figure out the issues for you! 

Camera Installation

If you need to install new surveillance cameras, we can schedule a time and send a technician to your place and install them for you!


If you have WiFi issues, it can be caused by computer settings, broken WiFi connector, loose cables, etc.

Company/Office Repair Service