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Hard drive failure? How to take care of it?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Daily maintenance is of great significance for your hard drives. Correct use and maintenance can not only extend the life of the hard drive but also avoid the worries and troubles caused by data loss!

Hard drive failure

Here are some maintenance tips for hardware:

1. Avoid vibration

Vibration can be a deadly enemy of hard drives. Everyone should try to avoid using laptops on bumpy cars and ships. It is best to put the laptop on a stable desktop when reading and writing data on the hard disk and be careful not to press too hard when typing. Also, avoid squeezing the area where the hard drive is located, such as picking up the laptop with one hand or placing heavy objects on it.

Of course, a laptop is designed to be portable and some vibrations are inevitable. It is considered a good idea to add a vibration-absorbing cushion to protect your hard drive. Some manufacturers take this into consideration when designing. For example, Dell laptop vibration-absorbing cushion provides double protection in some of their products.

But remember, a vibration could easily damage your hard drive physically! You shall see error messages on your screen while reading the disk.

2. Avoid high temperature

The high temperature and overheating problem have always been a headache for laptop manufacturers. Especially when the laptop hard drive enters the mainstream speed of 5400 rpm, the problem becomes more prominent. Users must avoid using their laptop continuously for more than 12 hours and avoid using it on a quilt or leg to avoid blocking the ventilation duct.

3. Avoid other harsh environments

Using your laptop in a humid, strong magnetic field or under direct sunlight will have a great impact on the hard drive. Users should try to avoid using the laptop in the bathroom or any other conditions that might cause water damage.

What if it’s software maintenance?

1. Avoid frequent read and write on the hard drive

It is strongly recommended to add more memory to reduce the frequency of reading and writing on your hard disks.

2. Regularly organize documents

Hard drive will produce more file fragments over time, which will affect the data access speed and accelerate the aging of the hard drive. It is best for users to perform disk defragmentation every two months and reinstall the system once every six months, but not too frequently, which is very effective for increasing the system speed.

With these simple tips, you can easily prolong the life of your hard drive!

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