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Quick repair guideline of liquid damage

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Do you know you need to take quick actions when it comes to liquid damage?

Here are five common questions that may concern you!

Q: Does it help if it's only a little amount of liquid?

If you cannot turn on your laptop, even if there is a tiny bit of water spilled, it means that liquid has entered your laptop board and has started to damage your laptop. Every drop of liquid can lead to short-circuit on the board or further leads to corrosion without proper cleaning. Once the board is covered by corrosion, there is less chance to be repaired and recovered, that is, you may need to replace the whole motherboard.

Q: Can I use hand sanitizer to clean my laptop?

Yes, but you need to be careful not to spray or pour it directly to the laptop, especially avoid spraying any alcohol directly to the fan area. Any liquid can get into the laptop board from fan and leads to corrosion in the future.

Q: Does it help if I put my liquid-damaged laptop in rice?

Not really, liquid cannot be removed by putting your laptop in rice. It is not helpful and rice can easily get into the board and damage even more.

Q: My laptop was working fine before but failed to turn on after a while. How is it possible?

You may not see any performance difference when you just spill liquid on your computer; however, liquid may have already slipped in your computer and damaged the motherboard over time. The longer you wait to clean and repair it, the more difficult it is to get it fixed.

Q: I don't feel any difference after liquid spilled.

If your laptop is working fine after the liquid contact, it may only be temporary. Generally speaking, once your laptop shuts off randomly and fails to power up, it is more likely related to motherboard issue. The issue can be small as a motherboard chip malfunction or big as a burnt CPU chip. It takes a technician hours to test all the components attached to the board to determine the damaged part. The success rate for repairing faulty parts all depends on timing!

Note: Chances to get fully fixed reduce after the end of the 24 hour "golden window" for liquid-damaged laptops.

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