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Top 10 Most Common Computer Issues

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

There are some computer issues that might occur on your personal computer during work. Even though most of them can be solved by an IT Support team, it would also be important to recognize the common issues that might happen to you!

The following are the top 10 common issues that you might encountered at work!

1. Computer won't start / suddenly shut off

A computer is not powering up or suddenly turns off on its own could be something wrong with your battery, power supply or even worse, your motherboard.

2. Extremely slow

If your computer is working extremely slow, first thing you can do is to do a proper cleaning on your files and run a scan after that. Also, upgrade your hard drive can help your computer run faster. If you are still having the same issue, that could mean a hard drive failure.

3. Operating system is unable to boot

If the operating system is failed to function properly, restart your computer and run a scan to it. The problem could further indicate a hard drive related issue.

4. The screen is frozen

When you face a frozen screen, chances are you have either insufficient ram or corrupted files to affect the operating speed. Try to restart the computer and do a clean up so that it doesn't freeze again.

5. Computer doesn't boot with beep code

A specific beeping sound could mean ram malfunction. Back up all your files first and search for particular beeping code solution.

6. Blue Screen of Death

A Blue Screen of Death could mean something wrong with your operating system. Try to update the system to the latest version or restore/reinstall the whole system. Here is a checklist for you when you see Blue Screen of Death on your computer.

7. White screen or rainbow of colours

If your computer screen suddenly switches to white or even several different colours, it is mostly because of system error, screen malfunctioning, graphic card error or motherboard issue.

8. Overheating

If your computer is lack of sufficient cooling system, your computer will generate excess heat along with a loud fan noise during the operation. Overheating could also be caused by build-up on the fan, which could be easily replaced. However, if computer continue to heat up , it could further lead to a black screen or blank screen.

9. Computer black screen

There are several reasons that could cause a black screen such us operating system malfunction, overheating and old hardware. It's better to have all the components tested to see if anything needs to be replaced or repaired.

10. Slow internet

In order to improve your browsing performance, check your internet cable if it's connected properly and clear cookies more often. Also, close down some unnecessary websites could help speed up the internet.

At the end of the day we all heavily rely on personal computer especially working from home these days. Hopefully having a better understanding of these common issues can keep you far from panicking and know when to reach out for help.

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