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Simple Maintenance Tips to Make Your Computer Last Longer

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Everyone works from home using their personal computer these days. However, computer slows down or gets damaged over time due to lack of care or accidents. How to keep it working properly and lasting longer becomes a more important focus for those who wish to save money from repair expenses. Here are some tips to prolong your computer:

1. Store it safely

Whenever you use your computer, use it gently and move with care. Stay away from any liquid or food if possible. When it comes to liquid damage, it may affect multiple components on your computer and may further results in data loss. Make sure you follow proper steps to prevent from further liquid damages.

2. Back up files frequently

When your storage is nearly full, you can tell by the speed of your operating speed. Remember to back up your files at all times in case of any emergent computer breakdown. Checkout here to take care of your hard drive.

3. Give it space

Give enough space to enable airflow run through the ventilation holes to prevent overheating issue. Make sure you put it on a solid and cool surface whenever you use if for a proper ventilation. If there is an overheating issue on your computer, you may see errors of Blue Screen of Death. Here is a checklist of self-inspection when you see Blue Screen error. How to fix Blue Screen of Death? Self-Inspection Checklist!

4. Keep it clean

Make sure to clean and dust your computer on a regular basis in terms of any accumulation of food, dust or dirt in your keyboard or monitor. These build-up can eventually cause overheating problem which shorten the life of your computer. Here are the top 10 most common computer issues.

5. Protect it from virus and malware

Virus and malware can be the biggest enemy to your computer. Make sure you install an anti-virus and run scans frequently to protect your computer. Also, make sure you double check every-time before you download any free document or application to manage security on your computer. Here we have 6 simple tips to help you keep your computer safe.

6. Upgrade your hard drive

There is no need to wait on a slow and overloaded hard drive or ram to process your work. You can simply upgrade your hard drive to a SSD card for a faster and more reliable performance. If you want to stick to your old hard drive, here are some useful tips to help you take care of your hard drive on a regular basis.

These tips above are things that help you prolong your computer's life and perform well over time. However, a computer can still die within 10 years even with proper treatment. It's better that everyone backs up their files at all times in case of sudden crashes and loss of data.

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